a tomato

Why are tomatoes always red ?
Why can’t they be blue or grey instead ? 
Perhaps they might not taste the same
and would have to have another name.

george the headless ghost

George the headless ghost
couldn’t hear or scream,
he never knew where his body was, 
or where his head had been.
Getting lost and losing things,
falling down the stairs,
walking through the bedroom wall, 
and tripping over chairs.

the mirror’s image

Reflected in the mirror is a person just like you,
watching all the silly things
your mother told you not to do.
Pointing at each other, jumping off and on your bed,
What else could your reflection do with you instead?
Always in the same clothes, staring as you stare,
but when you leave your room,
will she stay standing there?

the guilty dog

Plants dug out of flower pots, 
books strewn across the hall, 
grimy paw prints smeared the newly painted wall, 
a pair of well chewed slippers balanced on a stair. 
The table cloth ripped to bits 
and now 
beyond repair. 

Dragged across the kitchen floor, 
his masters favorite clothes, 
food stolen from the kitchen spread around his nose. 
One guilty dog sat worried in the middle of this mess, 
should he try to blame the cat, 
wag his tail, 
or just confess?


Unbelievable as it must seem,
I never know where I have been.
So much knowledge fills my head,
but bits keep falling out instead
of staying in my brain.
Will a little sense remain?
I can’t recall what I know,
or where I was an hour ago.
One day I might forget who I am,
then ask , if I can
to be the person I was before
but like myself a little more?

a vegetarian spider

A vegetarian spider crossed his eight small feet,
waiting for a turnip he could catch and eat,
sitting on his web slowly getting thinner,
he hadn’t dined for weeks and needed a hot dinner.
Instead of a cauliflower dropping neatly on his web,
a fly flew round and round and landed on his head.
This fly would not be dinner and served up on a plate,
this spider thought this bug, would be his closest mate.
Bored the fly buzzed off as the spider scanned the sky,
no one had told him that vegetables hadn’t learnt to fly,
so impatiently he sat still and waited to be fed,
and hoped a big fat sprout might fall from overhead.

a day out

Once upon a time there was a little girl in red,
skipping through the woods to visit Granny, sick in bed.
Halfway there a hungry wolf invited her for tea, 
“Oh yes”, she said, “That would be nice, 
I do have an hour free”.
They ate some cake and chatted, watched the daylight end.
He couldn’t eat her now, she’d become his dearest friend.
She said, 
“Excuse me sir, I didn’t know it was this late,
my parents always panic,
if I stay out after eight”
They kissed goodnight,
the wolf didn’t bite
and went off to chase some sheep.
And Granny, you wonder?
she sat alone ’till she finally fell asleep.


An Aardvark in an overcoat,
went hunting after dark.
With an umbrella and a sieve
he searched for supper
in the park.
He rummaged in the undergrowth
with his sticky nose,
plastic bags tied to his feet,
so they couldn’t
bite his toes.


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